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Based on the Buddhist tale of Angulimala, a dreaded serial killer, Psycho tells the story of a blind man who gets involved in a murder mystery.
Director: Myshkin
Writer: Myshkin
Stars: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Aditi Rao Hydari, Nithya Menon | See full cast & crew »

Based on the Buddhist tale of Angulimala, a dreaded serial killer, Psycho tells the story of a blind man who gets involved in a murder mystery.Plot Summary | Add Synopsis
Genres: Crime | Thriller
Certificate: Not Rated | See all certifications »
Parents Guide: View content advisory »

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Psycho Movie Review: Mysoreskin Psycho begins with a quote from Albert Maslov: We Are Gods and Worms Together. And this is his antagonist – his mind – is angulimal – a god who, before his victims, is a ruthless, and a worm, in the presence of the man who has transformed him into this version of himself.

Finger hacked his victim – always female – and collected his head as a trophy. And that’s why he kidnaps Dakini (Aditi Rao Hydari, who brings the right amount of vulnerability and tenacity), a radio jockey who confesses the love of Gautam (Udhainidhi Stalin, OK-ish) Joe is a visually impaired person whom he initially turned down to stare at him. But he is unable to kill Dakini, whose death in the face of peace made him restless. And when he tells her that Gautama will find her, even if he dies, he takes it as a challenge. But, can Gautam track him down given his disability?

Psych is everything we expect in a Maskin film. First-rate filmmaking combines conceptual writing to give us a unique experience. And the film fills with moments that have become the signature of this filmmaker – eccentric supporting characters, such as a rude ex-soldier (a brilliant Nitya Menon), a policewoman (Ram, in a underwritten role) who plays AM Raja Sings songs, long tracking shots, mostly night action, hanging noose, a universe where disabled characters and sex workers are treated with respect …

In his pre-release interview, Massaskin has stated that he was inspired to create Psycho after Angulimal’s liberation story in Buddhism. And he uses that story’s skeletal structure to create his psycho. Mysoren shows us the cruelty of finger acts. We get shots of repeatedly biting our victims ‘heads, splattering blood, heads rolled to the floor, publicly visible head injuries, and understanding the pain of the victims’ families. And then, he wants us to see if we can find it in ourselves to empathize with the killer. This is where Psycho differs from a traditional serial killer film, such as a Ratsan. He is not after the thrill that offers a whodunit (although the film provides us with a thrilling moment) but is making some more, more psychological discoveries. But this is where the film overshadows.

Dakini immediately begins to sympathize with the finger, and the scene where she knows her weak side does not seem personal due to the grand theatricality. For Gautam, we never really get to see what he feels towards the person who has kidnapped the love of his life, and when he behaves kindly towards her, it’s hard for us But for his actions. And some of the scenes have been finalized, so we don’t feel the intensity of finger repentance. You expect an emotional punch in the gut, like in Pissu, but only get some fee.

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